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acronym for "fuck me i'm famous"
1. hey bitch, fmif!
2. kobe bryant and countless other celebrities take advantage of their fmif status
by Johnny November 21, 2004
Forgive Me, It's Friday
"Dude, that is dumb"
"I am Sorry. FMIF"
by Dementour October 18, 2013
Fuck Me It's Friday - An expression and acronym that became popular only after the release of the Rebecca Black single, "Friday". The speaker is already aware of the onslaught of references to the aforementioned song they will hear over the course of the day.
Rabbi Kablack: Ugh, FMIF.
Rab Akablak: Yeah, well at least tomorrow is Saturday.
Rebecca Black: And Sunday, comes afterwerrrrrrrrrds.
by Timbo_Slice April 02, 2011
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