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flahy-ing thuh kahyt-verb-when, in the act of anal intercourse due to a cycle of menstruation- the male lies on his back and female in the cow girl position, tugging on the dangling tampon string as though the wind were pulling the female away from the male.

flew the kite, will fly the kite, etc.
This chick is on the rag, so I'll be flying the kite tonight.
by dfc739 September 17, 2009
8 9
Menstruating (Weapon of choice is a tampon.)
Jezebel must be flying the kite. Seems like her time of the month.
by Smysizzle July 01, 2011
0 0
to masturbate; typically used when referring to male pleasure.
His hands were tired after flying the kite all afternoon.
by Jersey girls October 13, 2012
1 2