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prematurely taken from production, the mitsubishi nimbus is a versatile vehicle: its many functions include: taking a car full of lads down to southbound. running into BWMs. and flying. this requires co-operation from at least the driver and his co-pilot but best results are achieved with a full nimbus-load
did you see those dardy riggs doing the flying nimbus down stirling highway? break me off a piece of that...
by hugemac March 09, 2010
When about to penetrate a girl, jumping from a higher elevation of no less than 5 feet above va jay jay level. Caution should be taken when preforming this maneuver seeing as major dink injury may occur.
Dude i just did a flying nimbus to power slam. I almost missed.
by gone o' ria April 15, 2009
When your driving, smoking weed, and it create's a cloud of smoke (nimbus)
I scooped up my people's and we went for a ride in the flying nimbus...
by D-Wills March 30, 2010
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