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Noun. A small piece of tobacco or cannabis that enters the mouth while smoking. Usually occurs with poorly hand-rolled cigs/spliffs.
Gargh *spits* God-damnit who rolled this crap?Im getting flybacks here
by Jeff24 August 04, 2005
someone who enjoys saying "canuck" every 1.2 seconds.
<flyback> CANUCK!
<flyback> CANUCK!
<flyback> CANUCK!
<flyback> CANUCK!
<flyback> CANUCK!
* Smish sets mode: +b *!*@12-226-219-161.client.attbi.com
by >:( September 03, 2003
making death threats on Efnet since 1997
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
highly medicated little psychotic fucktard on IRC. can't stay unbanned in any channel he ever joins for more than 5 days.
dude, you are such a Flyback!
by ScaryFast September 03, 2003