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someone who enjoys saying "canuck" every 1.2 seconds.
<flyback> CANUCK!
<flyback> CANUCK!
<flyback> CANUCK!
<flyback> CANUCK!
<flyback> CANUCK!
* Smish sets mode: +b *!*
by >:( September 03, 2003
highly medicated little psychotic fucktard on IRC. can't stay unbanned in any channel he ever joins for more than 5 days.
dude, you are such a Flyback!
by ScaryFast September 03, 2003
Noun. A small piece of tobacco or cannabis that enters the mouth while smoking. Usually occurs with poorly hand-rolled cigs/spliffs.
Gargh *spits* God-damnit who rolled this crap?Im getting flybacks here
by Jeff24 August 04, 2005
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