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a word used when trying to say horny but avoiding the actual term. fuck + lust = flust...y.
ted: you know that feeling you get? its like...i dont know, flusty?
sarah: you mean horny?
ted: hmm...yeah....but flusty.
by haushinka409 August 28, 2010
flirty and lusty. slutty in a good way and with positive connotations.
Man that girl is slutty :(" "Nah, she's flusty :D let's invite her to our party!
by MasterTheShlongFancyPants December 29, 2010
Flusty is a term used by a rap group "The Grave Diggaz" to describe being high on drugs, probably stimulants such as crack, coke, or meth.
"Yo Reapa, Gatekeepa... my niggaz, let's get Flusty!"
by Street May 04, 2004
Happy or interesting
the car is flusty
by AFCrossland November 06, 2003
A term coined by the LiveJournal user 'triospleasure' while describing a story by 'elaborationlove'. It is a slang term used commonly in fanfictions to describe stories meaning a mix of 'fluff' and 'lust'. Since its first use, the word has become more popular.
A flusty tale of triumphant love filled with twists and turns.
by Aoizora May 20, 2008

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