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4 definitions by Street

Townie slang for a Cigarette
oi mate got a spare gret?
by Street September 21, 2003
63 17
Mother fucker, racist, faggot
Joe is a klat. Now that motha fucka wants to fight me
by Street May 05, 2003
5 11
Flusty is a term used by a rap group "The Grave Diggaz" to describe being high on drugs, probably stimulants such as crack, coke, or meth.
"Yo Reapa, Gatekeepa... my niggaz, let's get Flusty!"
by Street May 04, 2004
9 29
buzzin' like drunk, tipsy.....also see pervin' and swervin'
let's get our "gerp" on!!! = let's get drunk
by street May 12, 2003
20 42