{flustered + frustrated}: The state of being pissed off, and doing everything within one's power not to leap across the table and throttle the human source of frustration; when used by a boss describing himself or herself to a subordinate, means "Are you a complete and total moron or just aggressively insolent? We've talked about this seven times."
I am so flustrated with your awesome job performance that I am promoting you to window washer.
by sworkz August 16, 2009
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I live in the southeast US. I first started hearing "flustrated" by local speakers a few years ago. It was apparent that the speakers were not using this for comic effect; the speakers were quite angry at the time.

I don't think that it's a combination of flustered and frustrated...just a variant pronounciation of "frustrated". If you look at the examples used by the other contributors on this site, I think that they illustrate the use of this term as "frustrated".
My boss keeps giving me contradictory directions of what he wants. It really gets me flustrated.
by carolina jessamine June 18, 2006
1) To become frustrated and flustered at the same time cauz you cant get what you want 2) to be like Neil
Neil: Oh shit, I've become flustrated cauz Sarah wont go out with me.
by Kapps February 27, 2003
Flustration is wrongly spelled Frustration.

This mistake possible came from the attempt to join words frustrated and flustered which is senseless.

See other translations.
(Note: they are wrong.)
`Neil: Oh shit, I've become flustrated cauz Sarah wont go out with me.` -- Who the f**k is Neil?
by QwertyCZ March 06, 2013
To be frustrated and flustered at the same time.
I was so flustrated that the deal did not close.
by Russell Singer January 04, 2006
Flustered & Frustrated combined into the one word to describe a combined feeling of both emotions.
Part time team members not being present full time makes me flustrated as their pace is never moving at the same rate as ours.
by Funkessentials February 13, 2013
A mix of emotions that make you indescribably upset.
I am so flustrated i could, could...AHHH!
by Emma Banks December 04, 2010
A combination of frustration and fluster/ed. A GREAT southern word!
To flustrate is to be with my children

I was flustrated after I found out the store was closed when I got there.

Today was one flustration after another. or
by Mumsie Dogma February 09, 2009
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