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When you fart and unexpectedly shit your pants.
Aww man, I flurched yesterday waiting for the John...
by Jon-Miester November 24, 2006
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A DNA splice between Flanders and Lurch - can be volatile at times.
Flurch picked up the phone - "You rang-diddily?"
by Tom Parkinson September 19, 2003
an all encompassing word to describe anything that you want with that certain sordid hint
Thomas was very excited that he would be flurching in Scotland for the weekend
by Thommy March 03, 2004
Flurching is the process of using your penis to flush the cum out of a womans vagina after ejaculating.
".. didn't want her to get pregnant so i flurched the cum out.."
by Fandango Mango April 21, 2008

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