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Much different than a queef, a flupe occurs when a fart (from the butt) FLoats UP the lips of the pussy, causing an awkward bubble of gas to form. This usually happens when sitting or lying on one's back, and one's butt muscles are clenched too tightly for the fart to be released properly.
"Shit, I let out a flupe in the middle of class, and it just stayed least it wasn't a loud fart!"

"This guy and I were watching a movie and I had a flupe, thank god it got out before he went down on me"

"Sometimes I like to flupe because it tickles my clit"
by Marki Ralmmler March 10, 2010
Noun - (Floop) - A female with a nice face who has a little extra meat on her bones, which causes her bosoms to become quite large; thereby making her fuckable despite her possessing a few extra pounds.
Teddy: Man, that bitch is kinda big.
Duffleton: Maybe so man, but we're still gonna bone. She's a total flupe !
by Lord Mumpleton September 22, 2008
Verb: To goof off or fool around. Also, means to mess things up badly.
Hey... quit fluping off, we've got work to do!

Oh man, he fluped it up real bad.
by Gabriel Perry August 07, 2006
flupe a word of mild annoyance or disbelief
oh flupe, i've shat myself
by A. Porteous July 27, 2006

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