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moweing a girls twat ever so pleasantly while she is taking a shit.
how to: when a girl is takin a shit on the toilet u put her legs up on your shoulders and eat her out while she drops a steamer.
sam r forces josh d into giving her flumpkins on a daily basis.

dude you`re a sick fuck i can't believe you gave that broad a flumpkin last night!
#flump #blumpkin #dump #twat #box
by tone loc nd joe balla February 21, 2010
A demonic cat.
A flumpkins attacked me while I was at Anderson's house.
#demonic #cat #cats #flumpkins #demon
by MashedPotatoes February 03, 2009
Is when a man is taking a dump and a woman is sucking his testicles and he suddenly drops a heavy shit in the toilet and water splashes on her chin and on his grunskin.
While I was in the bathroom I gave my girl a flumpkin.
#flumpkin #bumpkin #grunskin #anus #cock #taint #grunnel #shit #ass #blowjob
by jhoff194 July 13, 2010
The act of having your butthole licked while urinating.
My girlfriend suprised me while I was taking a piss by giving me a flumpkin.
#blumpkin #reverse blumpkin #urinate #butt #rusty trombone
by Bill U. January 21, 2007
the female version of the blumpkin
"I was giving this chick a flumpkin and she shit all over my eye."
#blumpkin #blumpy #self-blumpkin #shit #scat
by slaytrain69 September 19, 2008
the opposite of a blumpkin as it pertains to the gender the act is performed upon i.e a woman receiving oral while making the poo is said to be receiving a flumpkin
"I used to love to give my girl flumpkins until that 1 time she forgot to mention she had eaten mexican the night before"
#blumpkin #dirty sanchez #atm #scat play #mmmmh
by J-Tattoo February 21, 2009
The act of eating the twatular area whilst a girls takes a dump
opposite of a blumpkin

I wanted some tang and my girl needed to crap, so I gave he a flumpkin.
by T. Woolhoss November 19, 2003
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