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Fluffes means to get someones attention, by fluffing them with something. That something can be anything, and you shouldn't include what it is. It is just a attention getter.
Morthy fluffes Joe|Away.
by Jon February 18, 2005
Means to fluffle someone when typed in by someone who cant spell fluffle (see seperate definition of the corretly-spelt fluffle for examples)
Morthy fluffes Joe|away
by Vin Rhinocelot February 28, 2005
Something a female does to the male star of a porno film in preperation for the scene.
To 'fluff up' = Get him 'hard'.
"Fluffers, get them hard, the orgy scene is next!"

"My sister has a job in the pr0n industry."
"What does she do?"
"She fluffes."
by Lamer Hater February 28, 2005
a halarious bunny from the hit tv show Buzz.
Fluff E The Hip Hop Bunny
by Devon Macdonell May 04, 2005