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A word used to describe only the most awesome, hot, funny and/or chill people ever. A term of endearment used for good friends who's whole manner of talking, or doing anything (Ex* flailing), is so fantastically amazing.
"What atext all of my Fluff-Nuggets doing tonight?"
#nugget #flail #flailing #flanker #butt-nugget
by frogginuggz May 01, 2015
A tool used to fluff your butt to avoid flat secretary butt. Many times, this tool will be hands.
Jenn used a fluff-nugget after sitting in a chair for eight hours.
#secretary #butt #work #chair #hand
by research scholar January 23, 2012
the hottest, sexiest person on planet earth.
Oh my gosh, did you see Fluffnugget ? He is looking sexier than usual! He is soo sexy
#sexy #hot #delicious #yummy #amazing
by inlovewithfluffnugget June 07, 2009
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