a non-offensive alternative to fuck. See also feck
Guy: Let me see you naked.
Girl: Fluff you!
by danii1 February 20, 2008
Fluff: High grade marijuana that has been well-cured and its' leaves are covered in THC crystals making it light and fluffy.
stoner: "hey man, you got that fluff?"
dealer: "hell yea, i got that fire, man."
by e...c...s.t.o.n.e.r.... December 02, 2007
A name someone acting gay,stupid,or retarded...so take your pick.Never used for actual gay people.
"So wait,Armstrong went to the Moon?"-Caleb
"Wow,you are a freakin' fluff"-Jay
"A wat?"-Caleb
"Shut up fluff."-Jay

"So wat happens if I click on the big red X in the corner of the screen?"-Caleb
"Dude,don't be a fluff.Just don't."-Jay
by JKira November 09, 2011
Safe for work/ school term to replace the word "fuck" in a sentence.
1.) I got an F on my grade card in English, Fluff...

2.) I fluffed this girl last night and she was fluffing good at what she does.
by DJ-Slow-N-Throw December 11, 2010
term for a young strait guy who acts gay
That guy u think is gay but he actualy has more game than any one you now that guy is a fluff.
by bored_dude January 04, 2010
-A much more polite word for fag. The word fluff is just something that seems feminine, probably why the word originated to be so.
Person A: Hey, look at that guy.
Person B: Just by the looks of it, don't you think he's a fluff?
Person A: Yeah. Definitely a fluff.
by Rhymes October 12, 2009
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