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Fuck, used in expressions
"What the fluff is going on in here?"
by Jeff Creen September 09, 2003
a gay person
"that guy is such a fluff!"
by thegirlthatclaimedfluff September 11, 2012
-A much more polite word for fag. The word fluff is just something that seems feminine, probably why the word originated to be so.
Person A: Hey, look at that guy.
Person B: Just by the looks of it, don't you think he's a fluff?
Person A: Yeah. Definitely a fluff.
by Rhymes October 12, 2009
PG version of fxxk. For those who don't curse but get too agravated they just had to say a rhyming word.
"What the fluff? Why'd I get a D when i studied my brains out?!"
by Daniela the shiznit April 21, 2008
Fluff or in other words "fluffer" or "fluffing" is used in the place of gay.
My god, you are such a fluffer!

boy:Did you see Miley Cyrus on TV yesterday?
girl: Yeah. She's such a fluff. I can't stand her!
by shayydood April 09, 2008
a non-offensive alternative to fuck. See also feck
Guy: Let me see you naked.
Girl: Fluff you!
by danii1 February 20, 2008
Fluff: High grade marijuana that has been well-cured and its' leaves are covered in THC crystals making it light and fluffy.
stoner: "hey man, you got that fluff?"
dealer: "hell yea, i got that fire, man."
by e...c...s.t.o.n.e.r.... December 02, 2007
term for a young strait guy who acts gay
That guy u think is gay but he actualy has more game than any one you now that guy is a fluff.
by bored_dude January 04, 2010