Fuck, used in expressions
"What the fluff is going on in here?"
by Jeff Creen September 09, 2003
A soft toned passing of gas; usually is lengthy and done quitely. Mostly done by females
by LJ April 17, 2003
taking too many vicodin or darvocet or lortabs etc.
im fluffin out
by fluffy December 03, 2003
An adjective for things that are cute.
"awww what a fluff kitten"
by Miriam September 18, 2003
A word meaning between like alot and love.
I fluff you!
by psychokittyn February 10, 2004
Description for people expounding on their ability to levitate cars or blast people away with their "psi-balls". Popularly used in "DBZ fanboy" discussions.
The idea that you can kill someone with psi-balls is fluff, noob!
by J. Prescott September 12, 2005
A word to replace Fuck
by Shizzyasha January 23, 2004
colorful attitude in modern art. especially in post modernism. fluff is the cutesy, artsy, colorful, witty, found in many art today. some may find a bit pretentious
the cute and clever slacker artist is full of fluff.
#modern art #painting #puppies #animals #creatures
by eazy-x February 12, 2008
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