a some what nuerotic yet excentric person who overly exaggerates situations and has full on conversations with herself, while also yelling at her computer, phone, printer, and xerox machine. can also be found riding a motor cylce throughout her mid life crisis. this persons ideal job duties include emailing, emailing, and more emailing. Closest companions include fish. and only fish.
Look over there, Fluff N Stuff is e-mailing again, she must be trying to get some work done to go home and feed her fish after she yells at the computer some more.
by Capitan KG March 09, 2010
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When you fart on a pillow and put it over someone's face so they have to breathe it in.
WTF! Why did you fluff n stuff me? I can't breathe very good now...and I feel light headed.
by Ian C. September 14, 2005

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