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Clucky for a new fur-baby (fluffy-clucky)
Feeling very flucky - want to get a new kitten!
by Squiznz October 05, 2011
Like Fugly, but Flucky. (F*cking Lucky)

Used to describe someone who possesses an incredible amount of luck.
I'm really flucky: I was crossing the street when a semi suddenly came barreling at me. I froze there in the middle of the road, and it was just about to hit me, when it suddenly exploded! THEN, when I got to the other side unscathed, I found a fifty dollar bill on the ground!
by Wolfthra September 22, 2007
fucking lucky
"WOW THAT WAS FLUCKY!!" - after my friend dropped a brick and it landed just next to his foot almost crushing his toe
by flucky May 24, 2014
A hybrid of F-cking and Lucky
"You got to go out with that smoking supermodel? You are Flucky!"
by What the El October 26, 2011
stands for "fucking lucky"
Fucko: wa ya doin 2 nite?
kim: sleepin
fucko: flucky ya!
by fucko May 09, 2005