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Flucking is also a word used to describe the action of flunking out of an establishment of higher education due to a surplus of sexual activity.
Did you hear about that mainline bitch?

No, what happened?

She had to drop out because she was flucking.
by I ruin lives April 24, 2007
17 8
Duck sex. Originating from the two words "fuck" and "flock".
Boy: Mmm . . .
Girl: Oh yeah.
Boy: I don't know about you, but I'm thinking about you, and me, and some major flucking!
by Harold McCock April 14, 2009
10 7
fucking someone you love
We were flucking all night.
by littlesister612 February 17, 2010
7 6
When you get a girl off by using a flicking motions and hitting her clit with ur fingers. Also know as finger flicking fucking, flucking is huge in the south.
A gave my girl a good flucking last night until she screamed.
by Basset September 12, 2006
12 13
Fucking someone fat flab
flucking was amazing last night
by Spondgebob1337 January 21, 2008
3 8