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someone u mess around wit

the girl or boy u makeout wit ot have sex wit whenever
boy: yo wat u doin 2 night
Boy2: i'm going ova 2 1 of mii flow's house stacy
boy: ok mii boy be getting it in
by sassy chic August 17, 2009
3 6
A very known word in the rap song "Nigga" by Ahmad Rifai And Peter Maliha. It does not mean anything. It's a word they just came up with in school. They were in grade 8, section A, year 2008 when they came up with it. The song originally consisted this phrase: "I got my niggas on the door and my bithces on the floor" composed by Peter Maliha. But Ahmad Turned it into flows and other nonsence words like ows, tows, gows.....
-Yo wassup nigga?
-Flows i good, how bout u?
-Ows not bad...
by Nigga Yo April 11, 2009
8 11
A boy or girl (though most often boy) whom you do sexual things to or who you lust after.
My flow Rodney be hittin' the spot right gurl.
by sososweet203 December 02, 2006
9 12
A slang term for money.
wheres the flow bro?
by ajsamson December 12, 2010
3 7
The style, personality, and belief of an idivudual.
David - "did you listen to drakes new album"
Jae - "yeah his flow is sick, he never runs out of ideas to rap about"

David - "are you sure? cause to me he's always talking about females "

both laugh histericlly

Jae - "didn't think of that"
by PB & Jae June 15, 2010
3 7
yo dawg link me some flow
by royalswagga9 June 03, 2010
3 7
Hair that comes out the back of a lax players helmet. It is a necessity for any player who wishes to go anywhere in lacrosse and many believe it is in fact 90% of the game. If you wish to be a stud, you gotta have the flow.
Hey man that stud has some sick flow.
by lax_broski June 16, 2009
20 24