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The act of love being shared between two people with the the 'F' sound at the start of there names.
Phoebe:I love you
Francesca: No, I Flove you!
by Ifloveyouphoebe October 25, 2010
To not merely love something, but fucking love it.
I flove Urban Dictionary.
by Gretz November 10, 2005
to love someone so much that the word love on its own just doesnt cut it. to fucking love someone
i flove you so much Miranda
by Spinxe March 21, 2007
Friendship level love between those of mutual attraction. Often used to express joy and caring towards your casual cuddle buddy.
I flove you!
I flove you.
I flove you?
by Thatoneguy143 May 15, 2014
-noun/adjective: flove is a type of platonic "friend-love"

-verb: flove is the equivalent of the infinitive "to fucking-love"
Ashley and Aviel have a flovely relationship. (friend-love)

Ashley to Aviel, "I flove you." (fucking-love)
by Rubber-Ducky May 23, 2012
Shorthand for "farty love"; When your love for someone is so intense and so real that you can fart in front of them without shame or embarrassment.
Last night I went out for Mexican food with my boyfriend, and afterwards...well to make a long story short, we're now in flove.
by jdavisbruin February 24, 2012
friend love; brotherly love.
Dude 1- "Man, that game was beast!"
Dude 2- "I flove you!"
Dude 1- "Eww, no I'm not gay!"
Dude 2- "No, I don't love you, I flove you."
by clarksvillekid14 December 03, 2010
Love between friends. Friend + Love = Flove
I flove you =)
by The Flove Guru January 03, 2011