"fake love"

Referring to fake love in a way of infatuation.

Can be used if someone really likes someone but doesn't necessarily mean they love them. They are obsessed.
"Oh man, I'm in flove with him/her."

"I flove you."
by Tayls September 15, 2006
Top Definition
To not merely love something, but fucking love it.
I flove Urban Dictionary.
by Gretz November 10, 2005
to love someone so much that the word love on its own just doesnt cut it. to fucking love someone
i flove you so much Miranda
by Spinxe March 21, 2007
To befriend and love a person at the same time.
I flove you. We're in flove.
by juanjulio November 04, 2014
To fucking love a person, place, or thing.
I really flove my girlfriend.
by Albert Rosenfield September 11, 2015
Pronounced: fl.oh.ve.

1. A word used to describe virtually any emotion or person and usually makes little sense to anyone except the person using the word

2. A small spore, normally green blue or purple and can glow, especially when it is dark. When a flove is released it will stay within a small area until it senses a nearby asshole. Once this occurs the flove will enter the asshole and come to rest near the end of the large intestine. At this position the flove will begin to expand rapidly until it explodes, usually tearing the victims body in two during the blast. A flove is commonly used on ones worst enemy and is a terrifying way for one to die, if someone feels the presence of a flove it is already too late and most succumb to the unrelenting terror when they realize that they will meet their end in a matter of minutes at most, this is often made worse if the flovee knows who is responsible.
1. Person: You are such a flove!

You: What the fuck are you on about you stupid flove.

2: Joseph lay there sleeping as the flove drifted up the leg of his boxers, he was only awakened moments before his body was decimated by the blast.
by Smith mcJohn July 12, 2016
Friendship level love between those of mutual attraction. Often used to express joy and caring towards your casual cuddle buddy.
I flove you!
I flove you.
I flove you?
by Thatoneguy143 May 15, 2014
-noun/adjective: flove is a type of platonic "friend-love"

-verb: flove is the equivalent of the infinitive "to fucking-love"
Ashley and Aviel have a flovely relationship. (friend-love)

Ashley to Aviel, "I flove you." (fucking-love)
by Rubber-Ducky May 23, 2012
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