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to wave in the air
She took off her new scarf with a flourish, hoping I'd notice it.
by Morgan Tierney October 31, 2006
term for a group of male homosexuals (gays), ca. 2009 in Seattle, WA, USA.
"Look, dear, it's a flourish of gays in their native habitat!"

"The flourish of gays paused briefly at the store window before breezing on to the next attraction."
by EricInSeattle-ish November 30, 2009
a strikeout.
Josh Beckett ends the seventh inning with a flourish.
by RedSoxFan6 May 19, 2011
a tone of voice that insinuates that this is important
"sell some m@ther fuck1n plasmas dude!"
by Shane Anderson September 28, 2003