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Out of the realm of what is considered normal - almost to the extreme. Can be used to express an excessive amount of another word - both adjective, verb and noun. Obscene awesomeness. Obscene waterskiing. Obscene hairdo.
Expression as to whether this is a good thing or bad thing is taken in the context.
Dude, did you see the booty on that chick - it was obscene (in this case, defines as big).

The obscene awesomeness of this party is wreaking havoc with my brain.
by Jayzie October 11, 2007
A person who updates their twitter or facebook account all the time, even when on the toilet or "pot." This would also be the couchpotato version of a tweeter. Someone who does nothing or little else.

Pronounced like a combination of potato and twitter. po' twitter
I can't believe I know everything about you. You're such a potwitter.
by jayzie May 22, 2009
A person with an inability to use twitter or is unable to tweet. This can also be used to describe a person with difficulty using social media in several varieties (Facebook, MySpace and other blogs)

Other forms of this are twittard.

Adjective - tweetarded, twittarded
I can't believe you can't use your iPhone or something to learn to use Facebook. You're such a twittard.

I can't figure out how to post pictures in my blog. I'm so tweetarded.
by Jayzie June 30, 2009

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