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Someone that says they are going somewhere, and don't show.
Blaine: "Hey gurl, wud up?! You coming to my place to chill?"
Stephanie: "Yeah, babe, be there in 10 minutes!"
~The next day~
Blaine: "Steph, what happened, you never came over!! You're a flosser!"
Stephanie: "I didn't floss!! I went to your' window and knocked, but you weren't in your' room, sorry, honey. We can chill tonight. Late."
by Buca's Lover April 26, 2006
Someone who partakes in oral sex.
Ask that dave out he's a right "flosser" Sonny replies to her sexualy frustrated friend.
by Prespincer March 14, 2008
those, who think they are all heavy, like tony montana, but rather they floss their ass with a shoe lace.
that hairy chested man is a "flosser"

that flosser over there, really likes to suck balls

he thinks he's though, but he's just a flosser
by Van April 16, 2005
someone who flosses their ass with a shoelace
dude are you flossing your ass with a shoelace
by the one and only shmian May 10, 2005
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