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Name for the device that affixes a little flag to a mailbox.

"You know those little flags on mailboxes? What do you think holds them on?" - Cliff from Cheers describing what a "flork" is during a game of scrabble.

by afxjzs January 14, 2009
can be used anytime, anyplace, as anything, in times of "oh my i forgot the word" or "id rather not swear cause im cool like that so ill use flork".
Santa florked me over this year and gave me coal.

Can you buy me that bright green, pickle-shaped flork i saw in the window?

Id sooner flork Sleepy of the seven dwarfs than you.

I love it when you flork florkity flork flork. remember that day when it was so flork?

by Leeleeminiwheats January 09, 2007
The art of fliriting and working at the same time.
He did you see Sam and Chloe? They were florking while doing their project.

"Baby I was just studying with her!"

You're a lying bastard!I saw you two flork in the library."
by dosinator November 28, 2010
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