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A man that is very kind, super cool, and fun loving. All girls in his area or school have liked him, and probably had a go at him. Floris is a very picky man, but when hes got the right girl, he goes to the max. He usually doesn't go crazy with a girl with his friends there, but when they are alone, OOO YEEE. Girls love him for his looks, and his body. He is amazing at sports, and the best in bed. ''floris'' is also a term used when a girl has an amazing orgy. Floris knows what he's doing, and nothing is ever as good when Floris isn't there!!
Peter:Dude last nights party sucked
Drake:ye i know dude, if only floris was there
Peter:ye the party wud have rocked!!

Girl:You want a Floris?
Girl2: ye def!!
Girl:den go to bed with Drake, he can floris you nonstop!
by themanthatknows February 16, 2008
Floris is a real man. He is no pussy or wimp, all ladies fall for him because of his looks, and his flirting skills, and many girls lay him for the extraodinary size of his cock. He knows how to get girls off within minutes. When girls have an orgams thats really good, girls usually call it a ''Floris''
Ouch, that boy gave me at least 10 floris's last night.
by Urban Dixionary January 09, 2008
A wandering spirit, in some cases considered a God. The Flori does not have a stable home, but wanders from place to place, taking up forms of people or animals to keep its identity hidden from mere humans.
See that horse there? I swear it didn't exist a minute ago!
Dude that must've been a Flori!
by frogmanman October 03, 2010
i r teh pwn, n0b0dy else :)
:) i r teh pwn, n0b0dy else :)
by floris December 02, 2004
The white crap that accumulates at the corner of people's mouths when they talk excessively and/or have a problem with generating normal amounts of saliva.
Gord: Hey man, you have bad floris.

Doug: (deploying standard thumb and forefinger floris clearing technique) Fuck I just got out of a boardmeeting and none of those bastards mentioned that I had an unsightly buildup of dried, caked spittle at the corners of my mouth.
by 4sail March 24, 2008

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