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normally it is an apartment where many drug abusers stay to sleep and abuse drugs. Some of these people pay rent, while others are unemployed and do nothing with their lives except party and abuse drugs.
nah man, this is a flop house
by valoem March 02, 2006
Any house/apartment/frat house/trailer/etc. which is used for individuals to crash (sleep, chill, hang out, lurk, etc.) for a period of time. In order to "crash", one must not actually live there (e.g. have their name on the lease, own said flophouse, etc.). Flophouses are typically used by college students, drug addicts, transients, vagrants, or other unsavory characters.

A flophouse may also be the home owned by the parents of a college student, who after being away at college, wishes to live as if he/she is still at college (e.g. staying out all night, returning just to crash at mom and dad's house, then leaving again), rather than conforming to the pre-college rules.
Example #1
Dude: (Talking to someone passed out face first on the floor of his college apartment) Hey man, who the hell are you? What do you think this is, a flophouse??

Bro: Sorry dude, I must have passed out for a minute.

Example #2
Mom: Where have you BEEN for the last three days? You come home just to sleep?? What do you think this is, a flophouse??!!

Son: What's your problem? I'm an adult now!
by J3553 November 01, 2007
A run-down boarding house for bums, hobos, and other transients. Not used anymore.
"Get those street-Arabs out of my shop and into the flop-house where they belong!"

Angry shopkeep, c. 1890
by JakeStar July 18, 2005
Originally intended to describe a house used for druggies and bums to hang out.
The expanded version refers to teenagers that think they can come
and go in their parent's home, sleep, eat, shower, and contribute nothing to
cleaning up after themselves
Mom: I sick and tired of the mess Toby leaves.
Dad: What can we do? He's using our home as his flop house.
by karenage February 15, 2009
A house in which one might flop.
Man 1:What the hell are you doing in my office!

Man 2:Uhhh, we rented this place out.

Man 1;I dont now about that, this aint no fucking flophouse you can just sleep in!
by brodiac January 17, 2006
Another word for "whorehouse."
Sally works at the flophouse to make ends meet financially.
by Knarf August 04, 2005
A word coined by Big Bad Brad to describe a house that is frequently partied in. It is also used to describe a house which contains up to but not limited to one mattress on the floor with no bed frame.
Daughter #2: I don't need a bedframe, dad.

Brad: What do you think this is, a flop house?
by burntbridges June 23, 2010
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