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Originally intended to describe a house used for druggies and bums to hang out.
The expanded version refers to teenagers that think they can come
and go in their parent's home, sleep, eat, shower, and contribute nothing to
cleaning up after themselves
Mom: I sick and tired of the mess Toby leaves.
Dad: What can we do? He's using our home as his flop house.
by karenage February 15, 2009
Roger, a verb. To Roger is to use a sexual vibrator for female pleasure. The term derives from the vibrators that have a rabbit shaped head on the clitoral head for stimulation, thus referring to the vibrator as "Rover Rabbit"
Honey, I'm so glad you're satisfied now, so, will you Roger me?
I'll forgive you forgetting my birthday, but you can make it up to me by Rogering me!
by karenage February 14, 2008
A dog the sticks his nose into a person's crotch.
That dog didn't hump my leg because he's a crotch hound!
by karenage October 30, 2007
Referring to one's political views, to be a liberal. Far left in political views. Opposite of conservative.
Mom's views are so far left, she's such a libby.
by karenage December 07, 2007

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