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Someone who gets around- generally promiscuous- often paid for performing "sexual favors"
"Stephanie, you floozy, I didn't give you ten dollars because I wanted some sort of lap dance- I just wanted Chipotle"
by ToolinIt January 24, 2010
100 49
a girl who enjoys performing sexual favors on men by the dozen, or a girl who simply cannot get enough schlong
sellers called heather and emma floozies, but he later apologized to emma, because it is just heather who is the floozy
by uhh hunter September 18, 2005
774 200
A woman of questionable sexual morals or a Promiscuous Female
(Sometimes used to describe a male who is incompetent)
I just heard Erin commenting about having mediocre sex, what a floozy.
Chad, you fuckin' floozy, you can't do anything right.
by DemonWeasel April 30, 2003
380 147
like a tramp; lady of the night, total slut, she may let you pay her for sexual favors.
You floozy slut bitch, get out of my car.

Hey, floozy what can I get for ten dollars?
by B+ November 29, 2003
272 136
Someone who performs sexual favors on her boyfriends, friends. And claims to have been pressured.
My ex is such a floozy. She was pressured to suck my friends dick.
by Chinngchong June 19, 2011
35 24
A dumb slut who thinks getting attention from guys for preforming sexual favors is something to be proud of.
Kayla Blume is a floozy.
by Chick12345555 September 29, 2011
33 32
A female of promiscuous nature; particularly one who takes pleasure in leading others on. See cock tease.
"That Esmé is such a floozy - she leads me constantly."

"That floozy has many a man wrapped around her little finger."
by loudbump November 22, 2009
55 54