The insult that Meng (From the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender) mummbles under her breath as Katara walks away in the episode The Fortune Teller.
Katara: Good bye everyone. It was so nice to meet you. Take care Meng.

Meng:*big smile* Take care! *frowns and mutters* Floozy
by Truelove20 October 09, 2010
Gross girls that go to Beer Goggles in Cortland, NY.
"Pour some sugar on me" comes on and all of the FLOOZIES flock to the top of the bar. Silly floozies.
by coozies March 30, 2011
A smut but more interesting lets just say a floozy does more then give men pleaser
You fucking floozy

Aye floozy come here and do something for me
by erren August 13, 2008

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