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When you want to call someone a "fucking loser" in a short, euphamistic, funny way.
Mark got dumped by his pretty, intelligent girlfriend after cheating on her with some ugly, STD-ridden slutbag. What a floozer!!
by 111222 November 18, 2005
n. Floozer
A derogative term which holds origin in University settings, particularly among engineers, to describe a person.
Generally used as a contraction to omit the word "fuck" in inappropriate settings. "You mean he's NOT going to do the keg stand? What a floozer.
by Marcus November 24, 2004
Combination of a boozer, floozy, and loser.
I saw this cheaply dressed older woman in a bar, smoking cigarettes and pounding down the drinks. She was a real floozer.
by IgnatiusJReilly July 10, 2008