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snob; self-righteous person
Tommy thought he was above using plastic dinner utensils. He is such a Floot.
by coley83 June 13, 2008
floot v.: to fart or "toot" that has a smell that carries or "floats" throughout a room
Dogs and seniors do a lot of flooting.
by hyperactive bunny November 17, 2008
Floot! is the name of a group of people in the UK, Devon, Teignmouth making a random film filled with stunts and sketches
Floot! rules!
by Liam Kibbey-Newman September 12, 2006
Floots or fat loots refers to items of value in video games, often MMORPG's.
Man, Warlax got some great floots yesterday!
by Nowlax January 05, 2006