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A fugly loser, essentially; one who not only fails at life and in general, but one who does so in an extraordinarily ironic or awful manner.

A permutation of floser, often mistaken as a f*cking loser.
Mark: ...and so when I tried to sneak the new wireless router back into my house, I pushed the door open with my back, then turned around right into my mom...

Gus: Flooser!
by lyngus April 21, 2005
A very uncommon term used by few very cool people, combination of the term 'fuck' and 'loser'.

Person 1: Hey, Person 2, look at my tower of cards!
Person 2: Um, ok, maybe I would, if you weren't a flooser.
by Feliciaiaiaia March 05, 2006
Self Explanitory. Fucking Loser.
fucking loser
"That dude is such a flooser."
by Lauren_mic November 19, 2006
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