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What you add to the food you eat when you drop it on the floor....bacteria. The shit that gets picked up when you use the five second rule
Don't eat anything that was wet that dropped on the floor. Or else the floor spice will turn into e.coli
by February 20, 2006
The diverse blend of various fragments of food, dirt, and hair that can create a very tangy addition to any perfectly good food that accidently or unintentionally hits the floor in the kitchen or pretty much anywhere.
I mixed my special marinade and added a little garlic salt and lemon pepper to the chicken, then fried it up to a delicious lightly browned treat. I did not disclose my secret ingredient of floor spice that I inadvertanly added when my motor skills failed me in the kitchen. ground pepper
by wordopotomus March 05, 2010
The residue left on a food item when it has fallen on the floor.
His pizza fell on the floor; he ate it floor spice and all.
by bringash February 29, 2016
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