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feeling slightly down.

"what's up mate"

"not much, just feeling a bit floom"
by master AP April 03, 2009
Onomatopoeic sound describing a "slow" explosion that results in a large rush of air, rather than a percussive explosion.
Mary lit the gas oven after waiting too long, which subsequently went floom.
by M May 15, 2004
set of drainage tunnels in peoria, il where people go to kick it. lots of cool grafiti
lets go to the flooms and party
by bobby g. October 06, 2004
a big pipe found at some swimming pools and water parks. they pore water down just enough for you to slide and eventually land in a big pool of water at the bottom,
you go to a water park the big tube, pipe that is pretty steep and twists and terns that is a floom.
by the true wise man January 31, 2009
a way of having awesome fun or partying or how cool something is
we get our floom on or floom it up or that is really floom
by mattmann718 April 28, 2007
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