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; a water pipe, bong, cannibus combuster.
A device/utensil used for smoking marijuana
"hey guys, feel like smoking some FLOOGENS later on tonight?"
by robertb April 16, 2015
Floogen is a man who rents out a bathromm of a for rent house. Lives with a pudding maker and owns a chadanga. Also a fat man with a beard that gets mistaken for a pregnant lady from behind.
I seen a floogen to day and it kicked me in th crotch.
by Chris marshall February 23, 2005
An expression used when disappointed or aggravated about one's current situation.
Sounds similar to the German word Fliegen or Flöten, meaning to fly/to pipe.
Friend: You aren't gonna make it...
Person: *misses* floogen


*messes up copying job for the fifth time in a row* FLOOGEN!
by Drache June 02, 2005
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