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an "iced out" piece of jewelery that has diamonds throughout and often covering the gold.
the custom piece that the jeweler did for me was flooded.. i was blinding cats with those stones!
by BYN April 30, 2008
so filled with ejaculate that it spills out of whatever orifice is being used
He went to that sex club last night and got flooded in the sling again.
by andre1433 April 28, 2009
To be so wasted ar full of alcohal that you vomit it all up in one spew. the worst kind of drunk.
That guy was so flooded he puked a bottle of gin.
by Stubbs11 February 21, 2009
when a girl gets extremely excited sexually.
Dang, i mad that girl wet. Naw she's flooded.
by Cass - Hole November 11, 2007
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