Floob: A type of noob. the FL comes from the word floppy, which means that he doesnt care about his noobishness. Alternate meanings come from the idea of a noob that is so noobish that he tried to insert a floppy disk into a cd drive,
Alternate spelling includes fl00b. This word is typically used in gaming, and in gaming clans, and has joined other words such as noob,pwn,pwned,owned.
"You dont know what a hard drive is? You're such a floob!"

A guy couldn't find a usb cord so he brought his headphones to see if they would work instead. He would be considered a floob.
by Mark tymczyszyn, floob pwner April 13, 2006
A reference to man-boobs in conjuction with the professional wrestler Ric Flair. Boobs + Flair = Floobs.
Wow, that Ric Flair has some saggy Floobs.
by Nake June 03, 2006
A substitute for fuck, can also replace any other word.
Originates from the acient race of floobs from floobland who spoke floob.
'Floob Off!'
'Floob you, you floobing floob!'
by fried gold March 09, 2005
The word that a wonderful person named Valerie made up in a conversation w/her friend...basically this word could mean anything you want it to mean

Shut up...you're such a FLOOB!
by Valerie A. April 29, 2005
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