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A cross between a Flume and a Tube.
OMG that floob was awesome!
by Jack of Hell April 09, 2007
A reference to man-boobs in conjuction with the professional wrestler Ric Flair. Boobs + Flair = Floobs.
Wow, that Ric Flair has some saggy Floobs.
by Nake June 03, 2006
A substitute for fuck, can also replace any other word.
Originates from the acient race of floobs from floobland who spoke floob.
'Floob Off!'
'Floob you, you floobing floob!'
by fried gold March 09, 2005
to suck up, as if by vacuum
The dog floobed up the buscuit in an instant.
by Me*** January 04, 2006
The word that a wonderful person named Valerie made up in a conversation w/her friend...basically this word could mean anything you want it to mean

Shut up...you're such a FLOOB!
by Valerie A. April 29, 2005
when a take a wet shit that splashes up back into ur butt, causing u to take another shit.
taco bell gives me the floobs.
by johnson July 31, 2004