When you and your friend hold down a little boy and release an unexcpected fart in his face.
Dude, lets go floob on Chandler.

Hold him down, I'm about to floob on him.

It was so fun floobing on him.
by Word Masta Tella Sir March 14, 2010
This is how the Florence and the Machine fans - also known as Flows - call her boobs.
"- Oh my god ! Have you seen the What Kind Of Man music video ?
- Yeaaaah ! Dude, she's got such cute floobs"
by ShitFloSings February 17, 2015
Floobs = Flabby Boobs.

Basically just fat boobs
"omg look at that fat ladies floobs"
by LegoHair May 22, 2009
When two people are walking toward each other in a hallway, stairwell, etc., and the two both attempt to pass one another one the same side. Most often results in an awkward repetitious series of movements where both persons attempt to rectify the situation by quickly choosing the opposite side, only to find that the other person is mirroring their movement. Can sometimes lead to a collision but more commonly a less than enthusiastic utterance of some polite phrase such as "excuse me" or "sorry."
"I just floobed some chick in the alley; it was weird."
by lameroomie December 11, 2008
The small thing that comes out of a hoodie used to tighten or loosen the hood. Can also be spelt flube, though floob is the preferable spelling.
Josh: Don't pull my floob!
Me: Why?
Josh: You'll break my hood!
by IT'S OVER TONETHOUSAND! November 29, 2010
Boobs that consist mainly of flab. Boobs made of fat. Fat BOOBS.
Look at the floobs on that woman.
Crikey, that woman sure has some huge floobs.
by sweta April 03, 2008
floppy and boob floppy boob
did you see those floobs on the lady they were flopping every where.
by apple seller March 20, 2013

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