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a floboe is the combined instrument of the flute and the oboe. it's held upright like a flute, but has a bell at the end. it has half oboe and half flute keys. it can also be referred to as a pair of people, consisting of an oboe player and a flute player. it was created by my friend and me in sixth grade. she plays the oboe, and i play the flute. we are the floboes, and we both play the floboe. :)
-I play the floboe. (pertaining to the instrument)
-My friend and I are floboes. (pertaining to the group)
by FloboeLoverForever January 13, 2010
1) flute + oboe. (usually used to describe a tone color blend of those 2 instruments) Alternatively, it can also be called the fluboe.
2)an oboe part played on flute.
The floboe solo was so in tune.
Floboes rule.

by I.C December 12, 2007

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