Faded & Loaded aka Drunk & High
Damn, it's only 11 and I'm floated!
by aka GOD February 19, 2005
Top Definition
"So drunk that you're too high to care"
Damn its 5am im floated.
by JD&Tlan DeltaSigs August 26, 2005
when youre fucked up. i.e. drunk or high to the point where to u can't function
"You had a lot to drink, how are you feeling? "
"dude I'm so floated"
by wondla May 25, 2016
a tasty cold treat that is a combination of a slushy and soft serve ice cream. This concoction can also be mixed together. The floated comes from the ice cream floating in the slushy and not mixed obviously.

aka: floater
"would you like that mixed or floated"
by Wonder Chick February 19, 2009
To be throw out an airlock, Typically in a vacuum in space.
Astronaut 1 : Damn did you hear?

Astronaut 2 : What?

Astronaut 1 : Dave's dumbass forgot to hook up he's tether so he got floated

Astronaut 2 : Really? How the hell does a guy like that even get a job up here anyways?
by sinsforeal June 10, 2016
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