Fucking Love My Life

after having a good/great day set this as your status or in mint conservation

instead of saying FML for the bad days
Text 1: "I totally got their number today. FLML"

Text response: "Nice"

by BAllenUT33 April 04, 2010
Top Definition
Fucking Love My Life
Human Being: I would like to take a stand against all the annoying ass ppl out there who pessimistically end every egocentric sentence with "FML". Because I FLML!
by FLML always April 13, 2009
Fuckin Love My Life. Used together with and to contrast FML.
Especially in situations where you are suffering from a hangover (and some other self inflicted pain) but love it because it is an indication of a good time.
Dude 1: Wassup dude

Dude 2: At work... giant hangover.... FML... but FLML

Dude 1: Yeaa last night was legen....wait for it..... wait for it....dary

Dude 1: How was the gym

Dude 2: My arms are soooo sore... FML... but FLML
by Pok Flied Lice August 19, 2009
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