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Flixting is the act of flirting via text. It often begins quite innocently with casual conversation. However, many texters will take this flixting opportunity to test the waters for a more serious sexual undertone.

Note: when alcohol is involved, flixting often leads to sexting quite quickly.
Innocent Flixting:

Sauviz: hey gurl whats up
Lourdes: NM just hanging out
Sauviz: oh yea? maybe we should hang out later?
Lourdes: ok - i could pencil you in ;)

(Later on with more alcohol...)

Sauviz: just pencil? you know i'm bigger than that
Lourdes: you're so bad! but maybe you could come over
Sauviz: oh i'll be cumming soon
by ositos December 08, 2008
An alternative term for flirty texting or flirxting as some people refer to it. The act of sending texts of a flirtatious nature back and forth.
I've been flixting with this guy for a month now and I think we might actually be ready to meet in person!
by motmoulder May 11, 2010
v. the act of sending a flirtatious text message to your love interest or potential love interest

flixt, flixted, flixter (noun)
So yeah I was flixting Zane and we flixted for like 3 hours, I think I'm a pro flixter...I just know we're gonna be a thing
by mjrox816 April 28, 2011
The act of communicating in a flirting way by exchanges a flixt (a text or SMS message to another person specifically intended to be flirtatious) with one or multiple other people. Flixting differs from sexting in that it is not necessarily sexual in nature.
She's really cute, I've been flixting her so much I need to just ask her out!
by sweet_tee April 17, 2009
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