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The art of cell phone, Blackberry, or Gchat flirting, typically involving a new prospect. Short and sweet, slight innuendo, and rendez-vous invitations characterize the "flirtexter" at his or her best.
"I'm not even hooking up with anyone; I'm just flirtexting!"
by Carrot Cake October 29, 2007
47 6
FLIRTEXTING - (Verb) Flirtexting is the marriage of two words Flirt and Texting. Although the courtship began in 1985, with the "invention" of the text message in Finland. This union first officially occured on 11-10-08. The marriage brought together two seperate worlds; 1)Flirt - To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures. & 2)Texting or (SMS) which is a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.
Heather is always on her phone FLIRTEXTING with guys.
by Textilicious November 15, 2008
14 5
flirting in text messaging with the intention "hooking up"
Ashley was being a bitch and flirtexting Ryan (who happens to have a girlfriend)
by dani - ash! November 12, 2009
13 7
The art of flirting via text message
Shannon looks at her phone and giggles.

Taylor: "Shannon why are you so giddy?"

Shannon: "Oh Andy and I are flirtexting"


"Man I wish I was flirtexting with Brian right now. It makes the day go by so much quicker!"

by TaylorNicole21 March 29, 2009
17 11