A stupid lazy whore mother fucking bitch piece of shit.
Don't insult Saddam by calling him a flirmy, thats going WAY too far.
by PumpMasterCunty April 08, 2003
Top Definition
Pig fucking asshole who deserves nothing short of sodomy with razor wire
Nothing sucks worse than being Flirmy.
by PROPAIN October 27, 2003
me bendover friend
flirmy just dropped the soap
by mopo April 08, 2003
My ugly bitch that I love to fuck.
Let me fuck you flirmy!
by t3c- April 08, 2003
Keeps the ancient Roman tradition of sodomizing boys alive.
Look at flirmy fucking that little boy in the asshole!
by PumpMasterCunty April 08, 2003
someone who pisses tec and mopo and ax7 off so much that they goto urban dictionary for revenge
holy shit! Flirmy has a bigger penis than us! lets go post on urbandictionary!
by Guess June 27, 2003

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