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a type of crispy pancake. best enjoyed with strawberries and delectable cinnamon. and maybe whipped cream, if you're not afraid of getting acne.
"if i wasn't so vitamin b deficient, i would go for some flirks right now."
by JESSIKLYE December 07, 2005
(verb) To flirt with a specific colleague in the workplace. Two people who find themselves flirting only during working hours are flirking.
Work was boring. Except Mike was there and we totally flirked all day.
by sachalouise July 01, 2011
FLIRK: two compassionate males engage in flirting with their dicks, hence flicks, dick flirting.

eww look at that bromance, they are totally flirking.
by flirker85 March 12, 2009
to flirt with meaning
by mikelucky October 28, 2003