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A person who is willing to sacrifice almost everything for those they care about. A Kyrin acts like they don't care but when you get to know this type of person, you realize they just don't want to care too much because they invest so much into the relationships they have.
Person 1: "Hey, have you seen _____?"
Person 2: "No, why do you care? They never talk to you anyway?"
Person 1: "They are just a Kyrin, you have to be patient for the payout."
Person 2: "Whatever."
#kyrin #kryin #kyran #kirin #kiryn.
by dearyme. July 15, 2012
A small Sniper Found in front of a Xbox/Ps3 playing the latest Call of duty. A kyrin uses Nothing but his Wit and cunning to destroy his enemy's in combat with his close Quarters sniping. The Kyrin has also been Seen doing 360 and screaming with celebration once the kill is Confirmed. Can also be used once you kill someone with a 360 no scope in call of duty.
Friend 1: OMG OMG

Friend 2: What?
Friend 1: i got a kyrin
Whole lobby: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
#kyrin #is #so #fucking #awsome #at #cod
by Chris Fitzgerald1995 January 04, 2012
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