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To take product or products(drugs),and sell it/them for a profit.
Take this Shit to 7th and West and Flip it...
by Pokerpro158 August 02, 2006
145 27
to flip ones hair in order to fix and or make it look better
Hannah:Aleck! Flip it!
by HeadcrabSappinMySentry?!?!?! July 05, 2009
4 4
To record something using a Flip video camera. Usually used among YouTubers.
When I meet Will Smith, I'm totally gonna flip it and put it on Facebook.
by pattie pottie June 28, 2010
9 14
An exclamation used when one makes a shot in beer pong telling the other team to drink it and flip it.
(after making a cup)Flip it Bob!
by RdDrtTrc October 09, 2007
20 26
To turn a insult back on the person who says it.
man1: Dude, your a moron!

man2: Flip it!(No, your the moron!)
by Todd Vaughn December 18, 2003
13 43
To use when saying goodbye; abbreviated version of "catch you on the flip side"
Jack: That was a fun adventure we just had!

Steve: Yes! But now I must embark on another one. I will see you tomorrow.

Jack: Sweet, dude, flip it.

Steve: Flip it.
by Egging July 11, 2005
10 42