Shitty private school in Northern Virginia. You're pretty much spending $30,000 a year for an education that is equivalent or if not worse than most of the public schools in the area. Most of the kids are preppy douches who get everything handed to them on a silver platter or unaccomplished, egotistical athletes who will be lucky to get even a D3 offer.
That kid goes to Flint Hill.

Sucks for him.
by Flinthillblows September 06, 2011
Sure we are as smart as we are rich, but at least we're smart, unlike some private schools. In the middle school there are outcasts, princesses, sluts, semi-jocks, and people who are just plain ugly (losers). The sluts think they are above everybody else, when they are only popular because the buys like them (you know what I mean). The losers are just plain losers. Can't say much more about them except that they creep people out and they have very few friends. We have some of the worst teachers, but we also have some pretty amazing ones. Our athletics teams kick ass (read it and weep potomac). Our uniform sucks, but we all have kick ass designer shoes.
Potomac: damn, we lost again :(
Flint Hill: suckers

by FHS kicks ass February 18, 2008
One of the two schools for basically the rich kids of northern VA. Unlike TJ or any other extremely intellegent school, the basis of flint hill, as well as its rival Potomac, is whether or not you have money. The main population is nerdy kids that would have never survived in public schools or alcoholic upperclass men that their parents need the ability to pay the school to keep their bad deeds quiet. There are a slim percentage of guys that are going to develop into smart charasmic attractive men, and they are all a part of the school's basketball team. The girls are either unattractive antisocialists, rich princesses, or alcoholic whores. Many of them are too attractive for the boys there, but the guys still end up getting ass because the pretty girls have no better options. Potomac, flint hill's rival has a similar atmosphere and is really no better.
kid 1: Damn look at that hott girl over there! what is she doing with one of those guys?
Kid 2: (sees the guys shirt says FHS or POTOMAC) oooh private school kids.
by honesttty March 06, 2005
A very "diverse" school that often beats MAC schools at sports, yet no one in the MAC cares about them, for they are hick-ish bastards, and for basketball.....YOU HAVE MORE BLACK PEOPLE!....nigga......
Flint hill kid: i eat babies
Potomac Kid: Yo. that aint tight
Maret kid: Bonjour?
GDS: My fro is getting big.....
Sidwell: Nigga....i shanked your MOm!
by Michael Picasso April 05, 2005

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