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The best thing to come out of Kansas and Missouri
Man, I just took the longest trip through KS and MO on I-70.
by Jizaay August 12, 2003
in Colorado an interstate that goes through the Rocky Mountains known for constant traffic for no real reason. Often used by people from out of state who don't understand what "slower traffic keep right" means and they will go 45-55 in the left lane refusing to get out of the way. Yes, the scenery is awesome but that doesnt mean you have to back up traffic for 2 miles. On bad days during summer and ski season it can take 3+ hours to drive about 60 miles. The liberals want to make it a toll way which would kill the skiing industry and other small businesses in the mountains. On the plains and western slope the speed limit is only 75, it should be more because there is literally nothing out there.
Yeah my bad some jackass was going 55 in the left lane on I-70
by COAVSfan19 June 23, 2011

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